In 2009, three friends went on a trip to Bali,   Indonesia and noticed that there was a   product in abundance that was very hard to   find in Portugal, their home country – it was   Men’s Swimshorts. At the time, this type of   product could only be found either at very   expensive prices from famous brands or at     terrible quality and style from local stores.

So, they decided to bring a bag full of these shorts home, in which they printed a logo and quickly made up a name for – it was the initial letter of each of their names – DCK

The shorts that they brought that summer were instantly sold to their friends, family and through word of mouth – this was the first step of DCK Boardshorts!


Fast forwarding a few years, it was important to add more quality to the style and

price that DCK was already locally famous for. Production started being done in Portugal, a country recognized for its great textile industry and home to some of the greatest outfitters’ suppliers.

Lifestyle has always been the key goal of the company – and ENJOY LIFE is our motto. We truly want people to get out there and enjoy each day, make the most of every moment instead of staying home or wasting time. Life is temporary and we’re here to make something happen!

Each year passed, DCK kept on growing. Coming from local markets and pop-up sales to Flagship Stores in the finest neighborhoods in the country; developing an Online Store that ships Internationally, as well as partnering with some of the greatest structures and personalities in the country.



Product wise, we try to offer an option for each and every one of our customers - who we call friends – that’s the reason why we have over 300 models, divided in 4 different categories. So surfers, hipsters, nerds or the classic ones can all find a pair of shorts made specifically for them!

DCK collections are limited edition, so when our boardshorts sell out, they are never sold again!

Our goal is to become the number one swim shorts brand in the world and to achieve that we focus on 3 major points: Quality, Variety & Fair Price. By adding this to a humble posture and always learning from our costumers, friends and experience, we believe we will achieve that!




Today, DCK is owned by 2 brothers and 2 cousins and supported by a family structure that every day does its best to provide you with the best quality, better looking boardshorts at a fair price. These shorts will allow you to #ENJOYLIFE without any worries!






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