♻️💧CICLO® Technology Recycled 4-Way Stretch Boardshorts

Products made with CiCLO® fibers reduce the persistence of plastic microfiber pollution in the oceans and plastic accumulation in landfills - This gives your boardshorts biodegradable features!

This is our biggest step ever towards helping to protect the ocean from plastic pollution. These Performance Shorts are made from Recycled Plastic Bottles with CICLO Technology, 4-Way Pro Stretch Material for ultra comfort, Light Weight, Quick Dry and Seamless on the skin materials

50% Recycled Polyester, 40% Virgin Polyester, 10% Spandex + Ciclo Finish

CiClO® Technology - Reducing Plastic Pollution:

CICLO® additive technology is an upstream solution that allows synthetic plastic-based fibers to behave more like natural fibers, such as wool. As a result, we leave less waste behind on our journey to create a more healthy, happy planet.

“Made to last” doesn’t have to mean “here forever”. Same quality product with Improved environmental impact.

Your purchase of this product brings us one step closer to solving the
problem of plastic pollution.

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Size 31
181cm / 75kg